Not happy with your take on Apple being investigated by the government. I’ve used both Apple products and PC's over the years (bought a Macintosh in 1984) and know the Apple system is much more secure than PC's. Why is that… because Apple has kept a tight rein on how applications run on Apple products. I listened to Leo Laporte the entire time he was on the air and heard him say many times that apple products are less prone to viruses, etc. I know this to be true.

That said, if I live long enough after the Feds get through with Apple, I’m pretty sure I’ll hear you saying “remember the good old days when your iPhone was secure enough to use the device for “banking” and purchasing products…not anymore”

Steve Jobs was a mastermind that simplified technical products so the masses could safely and productively use them. Tim Cook is mostly continuing Steve's work. That’s why Apple product owners are Loyal. I hope the Fed doesn’t screw that up!

Please keep in mind that you seem to be a “Techie” who loves to try new gadgets and explore the latest technology. Many of the rest of us just want a device that works flawlessly and is safe to use on that vast universe called the internet.

Love your show, Rich… keep up the good work.


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I need to dispose of old tech parts (old modem, router, etc) and cords. Where near Studio City can I do this?

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Staples and Best Buy can take them!

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