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Your car is spying on you

Your car is spying on you

September 9, 2023 (Episode 36)

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Rich talked about all the upcoming tech events in the next few months including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta Connect, Google, OnePlus, Code Conference and CES! Whew!

Jerry in Anaheim asked how to change the name of his iPhone. Rich says you should also take a minute to customize the name on your Kindle and Android phone, too.

Kim Guluk, Head of Uber Live and Sports at Uber to explain how Uber Eats is now at stadiums nationwide.

Rich explains what you need to know about the Facebook email about your “saved payment information.” Details here.

Shirly of Belmont Shore wants to know why her computer doesn’t work the same way when she’s at home and at work.

Janine wants to know if she should get an Apple laptop and tablet to complement her iPhone 14.

A listener wants to know if there’s an app that can alert them when a senior discount is available in-store. Rich doesn’t know of a specific app that can do this but you can TheSeniorList for discounts, as well as DealNews, CouponCabin, AARP, and of course just ask the cashier!

Apple has released a zero day security patch. You should probably update your iPhone and another Apple products now.

Amazon will charge $1.99 for in garage deliveries that don’t fall on your Amazon Day, starting October 4. The feature used to be free for Prime members.

A listener wants to know if there’s a record a phone call for free on Android. Rich recommends using Google Voice, but many apps are going to charge. TapeACall is a popular app and TrueCaller offers this feature. Also, check local laws regarding recording phone calls.

Jen Caltrider of Mozilla to talk about how our cars are spying on us.

Lisa wants to know if they can run old Windows games on a newer computer. Rich says to check out compatibility mode or something like DOSBox.

Google Chrome will start to share your interests with websites unless you change these new ad settings.

Mike in Long Beach wants a laptop computer for basic investing and banking. Rich recommends the ASUS or the MacBook Air linked here.

Don in Utah wants to know how to upload audio recordings to the web. Rich recommends checking out SoundCloud, although free uploads are limited there. If you want free and unlimited, Rich suggests using CapCut to generate a video using Canva to make a background image. You can also use a website called Headliner.

Roblox is coming to PlayStation in October.

Julian Vargas, Mobile Access Technology Specialist, will explain the latest ways technology is blind and low-vision users to live fuller and richer lives using mobile devices and apps. Mentioned: Microsoft’s Seeing AI App, Google Lookout, Speak Screen, Be My AI, and “Siri, read this” in iOS 17.

eBay has a new Magical Listing Tool that uses AI.

Taste Bud is an AI powered recipe creator.

Polaroid has a new high end instant camera called the I-2.

Duolingo is adding music lessons.

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