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Which note taking app to use?

Which note taking app to use?

029 Rich on Tech Radio Show - July 22, 2023

Rich talked about his quest to replace Evernote. In the past week, he’s tried note taking apps including Apple Notes, Notion, Google Keep, OneNote, Simplenote, Nimbus, Obsidian and Joplin.

David in Melbourne Florida asks about calibrating his new laptop battery.

Gmail is asking users to enable Enhanced Safe Browsing. Should you? Probably. It will better protect you against malicious links and emails, but the downside is that you will share a bit more information with Google to help crowdsource these security alerts. Check to see if you have it turned on here.

Notable hacker turned cybersecurity expert Kevin Mitnick died at the age of 59.

Ben Parr, author of the The AI Analyst newsletter explains what we need to know about AI. Download his AI Cheat Sheet. Mentioned: Claude AI, Bard & ChatGPT

Jeff in Diamond Bar asks why his Yahoo email isn’t working right on his iPhone.

Google is increasing the price of YouTube Premium from $12 to $14 a month.

Peacock prices are going up from $5 to $6 a month or $10 to $12 a month on the higher end plan.

Arron in Texas allowed scam artists to remotely access his computer and he's afraid to turn it back on. Learn more about how to protect yourself from social engineering here.

Hyundai and Kia owners need to check if their vehicles need an anti-theft software update.

Mike in Irvine has malware on his phone he can’t seem to get rid of. Try rebooting into safe mode then deleting any apps you don’t need or recognize. Clear the data and cache of your web browser. It might be best to backup any important items on the phone and do a complete factory reset.

Kyle Kiang, VP of Nothing joins to talk about their new smartphone called the Nothing Phone (2).

Tom in Woodland Hills wants to delete 99,000 emails from his Gmail, but only those older than a year. Use the powerful Gmail search bar to find and select multiple emails at once.

Nearby Share for Windows is out of Beta. It’s basically AirDrop for Android and Windows computers.

Jeff in Inverness, Florida reminiscences about a outliner app called More.

Sarah in Huntington Beach asks about VR. Rich says to check out Dreamscape and Two-Bit Circus for in person VR, and Meta Quest 2 for at home VR.

Casey in Millington, TN asks about a good wireless scanner he can use with just an iPad. Rich recommends ScanSnap iX100.

Johnny Jet joins to share travel tech tips! Don’t fall for this high-tech travel scam.

Amazon One palm recognition is coming to all Whole Foods locations.

An app called Remini lets you generate incredible AI headshots.

Samsung is holding it’s next Unpacked in Seoul, South Korea.

PJ recommends QOwnNotes as an alternative note taking app while Birdie says they like Notability because it’s a “very robust app.”

Sarah warns that her Alaska Air mileage account was hacked. Be sure to use unique, complex passwords on all accounts and enable two factor authentication where possible.

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