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Wearable AI assistant & end of an era for Chuck E. Cheese animatronics

Wearable AI assistant & end of an era for Chuck E. Cheese animatronics

Rich talked about how it’s the end of an era for animatronics at Chuck E Cheese.

Google has a new way to shop for deals. Just search “shop deals” to see notable price drops on various items across the web.

Need to send a document to your Kindle? Just drag and drop it on the webpage at

A startup named Humane is making a screenless AI assistant “pin” you wear.

Jeremy Caplan with the Wonder Tools newsletter. Caplan is Director of Teaching & Learning at CUNY's Grad School of Journalism and share AI tools each week. He mentioned tools including Oasis, AudioPen and bloks.

Jeff in Jackson, Mississippi asks about what to look for in a good smart TV.

Spotify is adding free audiobook listening for premium subscribers.

Patti: What are your thoughts on the $3 version of TotalAV for iPad?

Joan in San Diego has a bunch of leftover ink, will it work in a new printer.

Louis in Riverside shared an update about an iPhone inherited from a deceased family member. He was able to figure out the PIN code and get into the phone to save the data on there and continue to use it. Rich recommends setting a legacy contact for Google and Apple.

Jerry in Hatfield, PA wants make a Google Sheets with customizable recipe proportions. Here’s a good way to do that.

Brian Heater, hardware editor at TechCrunch, talks about his hands on time with the Humane AI Pin.

Paul emails and says his Safari seems to infected with a virus, making it difficult to search the web. Rich says it’s probably a “search helper” malware and to delete any extensions you might not recognize. You can do this on Chrome, too.

Sara in Ventura asks if a teacher can control the computers in the classroom. Yes.

Howard wants to know how to find a link mentioned on the show. You can go to the show Wiki at

Eva emails and says she has thousands of photos she wants to scan at a high resolution. Rich recommends a scanner with a feeder like the Epson FF680W. Flat bed scanners will be cheaper, but will take longer. Look for one that supports a high resolution.

Mike commented on Eva’s email, saying he’s scanned tens of thousands of slides and negatives and generally picks a DPI between 2430 and 3200. He uses an Epson flatbed scanner and scans up to 12 slides at a time or 24 photos on negatives at a time and uses software called Silver Fast.

Rich mentioned apps to scan photos and negatives including PhotoScan and Photomyne.

Rich reviewed the Xumo Stream Box.

QuakeAlertUSA App is shutting down, download MyShake or use the earthquake settings in Android to get alerts.

Lifehacker explains the difference between a Router and a Modem.

Jefferson Graham of PhotoWalksTV explains how he captured an epic 10 day time lapse in Manhattan Beach with both the iPhone and Samsung. He’ll share tips on how to take similar videos and which phone performed better.

Apps mentioned: Lapse It, Blackmagic Camera and Moment

Rich challenged Jefferson to do a video for a website called Window Swap.

Amazon adds a new Prime member perk for $9 a month you can join One Medical and get unlimited virtual visits.

You can now order groceries from Amazon Fresh stores even without a Prime membership for free pickup or delivery, for a fee.

Buc-ee’s and Mercedes are teaming up to install EV chargers at various locations. I was in awe when I stumbled upon this place. Here’s my video.

There’s a new settlement involving Apple Gift Cards. Watch out for related scams.


045 - November 11, 2023

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