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VPN Advice & Vinyl Records

VPN Advice & Vinyl Records

Plus, how to get free calling, texting and essential data.

Since I was traveling this week, I decided to forgo the traditional newsletter. Instead, I invite you to check out my latest podcast episode. In it, I recount my recent trip to New York and New Jersey, sharing some interesting tech-related stories along the way. As a special treat, my brother joins me as a guest on the show.

I hope you enjoy it! —Rich

Show Notes:

Rich talks about the challenges of technology and acting as tech support for friends and family members. Make a QR Code so visitors can connect your guest wifi network easily.

See highlights of my NJ/NYC trip here on Instagram.

Tony in Van Nuys wants to know what to look for in a VPN. Mentioned free VPN from Proton.

Thomas in Carlsbad needs help with his mesh network.

Rich appeared on a NYC billboard and you can too by downloading the TSX app.

Nicole in Los Angeles wants to know if it’s better to repair the screen on her 2019 MacBook Pro or get a new one.

myCharge is recalling 567,000 Power Hub portable chargers sold at Costco due to fire risk.

AT&T is raising prices on older unlimited plans by at least $10 a month.

Martin in Anza should he still use his iPhone 7 or get a new Nokia flip. You could also turn it into a security camera.

Rich mentioned he still loves the Google Pixel 8a smartphone for just $500.

Jamie in Torrance has a question about chargers that can handle multiple Apple devices at once.

Ryan McLeod, creator of Apple Design Award-winning game Blackbox.

Ron in Laguna Niguel has a question about scrubbing your personal information from the web. Google Results About You is an excellent free service. Delete Me has some good DIY opt-out guides.

California rejects AT&T’s bid to end its landline obligations.

Amazon is phasing out plastic air pillows in its deliveries.

Lifehacker has a way to help you reach a real person at Amazon Customer Service quickly.

If you have a car with electronic doors, get to know where the manual release is.

Vinyl or Digital? Comment here.

Derek Ting, co-founder and CEO of TextNow.

Terry wants a free iPad app for drawing. Rich recommends Apple Pages, also check out Sketchbook, and ProCreate, although they might not be fully free. Justin recommended Photopea on desktop.

Thanks to my brother Justin for joining me on the show.

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Rich On Tech
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