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Visiting Europe's biggest tech show

Visiting Europe's biggest tech show

September 2, 2023 (Episode 35)

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Rich talks about this trip to Berlin for IFA 2023. Highlights here.

He also tried out California’s Digital Driver’s license with TSA at LAX.

Rich mentioned how you need to prep your gadgets for any travel, especially international travel. Check with your cellular carrier to see if you get any free travel days, or get an eSIM (use my code RICH5375 for $3 off). Also, Rich recommends a travel plug adapter, portable battery bank and an old school USB cable for charging on the plane.

If you want to use your Bluetooth earbuds/headphones with the seatback entertainment, Rich recommends a gadget from Twelve South called AirFly.

Rich talks about his experience with the Google Pixel Fold.

Rich also talked about taking a walking tour with VoiceMap. Use my referral code gptyoh for your first tour free.

John in Minnesota says his earbuds keep cutting out because Google Assistant activates. How can you disable that?

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg explains what to expect with the new iPhone 15 models.

Alex in Nuevo, CA wants to know why his SD card isn’t working.

Google is raising prices for it’s Nest Aware subscription service.

Verizon has a new way for you to stop those spammy email to text messages.

Reggie in Charleston, S.C. wants to know why she lost access to her Facebook Page. Rich suspects she was hacked. Your first line of defense is to turn on Two Factor Authentication, set an additional admin on your business page and go to if you suspect you’ve been hacked.

Greg in Des Moines is legally blind and has a Samsung Z Flip 3 and wants to know if he should upgrade to the Z Flip 5.

Oliver Merlin, Managing Director of IFA Management talks IFA 2023.

Patty in Santa Clarita restored her iPhone from a backup and her iMessages didn’t follow. Rich mentioned iMazing as a way to perhaps find the messages in an older backup.

FEMA and the FCC are going to test the Emergency Alert System by sending a test text message to all consumer cell phones on October 4.

Down Town Brown in Durango, Colorado asks for more information about eSIMs and options for international roaming. Rich mentioned that he is also testing the Solis 5G Hotspot and Power Bank, which is a great solution if you have multiple devices or are traveling with a group since up to 16 devices can share the data.

Google is making it easier to remove your personal information from search results. Easy step by step instructions here!

Sylvie in San Diego wants to know the best wireless video doorbell that also has a chime.

Mark Vena, Principal Analyst at Smart Tech Research chats all things IFA 2023.

Announced at IFA: Eve Play will make old speakers compatible with AirPlay 2.

Paul emailed to say he is planning a cross country trip and wants some fun apps. Rich recommends Roadside America, Atlas Obscura, Roadtrippers, Autio, iExit and GuideGeek AI.

Stephanie emailed to say she is going on a work related trip and leaving the kids with a nanny and needs a good discreet camera. Rich says to check out SpyGuy.

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