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Travel Booking Hacks & Make an Old Laptop New Again

Travel Booking Hacks & Make an Old Laptop New Again

Rich talks about how he books his travel, including his tips and tricks for finding the cheapest flights and best hotels.

Benjamin in Pacific Palisades wants to know if he should upgrade his DSL connection to fiber.

Netflix is no longer allowing existing customers to pay through Apple, they will need to provide a credit or debit card directly through the Netflix website.

Kate Kozuch, managing editor at Tom’s Guide, joined to talk all things Mobile World Congress.

John in Carlsbad wants to know how to get Pandora without ads.

Jamie in North Hollywood wants to know how to open his camera by tapping the back of his iPhone. It’s an accessibility feature called Back Tap. Turn it on by going into Settings > Accessibility > Touch, and tap Back Tap. You can actually set a double to triple tap to do all kinds of things! Samsung has this feature, too. On Pixel, it’s called Quick Tap.

There’s a privacy warning going around about the Journal app on iPhone sharing your full name and geo-location with strangers. It’s bogus. Here’s the explanation.

Rich reviews the OnePlus Watch 2.

Steve emails and says he’s getting a notification to update my Google Chrome Browser from a company called Hot Cleaner and is wondering if it’s legit. Rich says it seems like a malicious extension. Check and delete them.

Andrew in Moorpark wants to know why smartwatches call their on-screen widgets complications.

Jerry near New Jersey wants to know how to find the direct URL for a radio station.

Leo Roberts, of The Laptop Elf Project, will discuss how to make an old computer new again with Chrome OS Flex.

Robert asks how to reinstall his macOS operating system. Rich mentioned a clean install, Disk Drill, Disk Utility and there’s a helpful tool called Mist submitted by listener Michael.

Google Maps gets glanceable directions.

Consumer Reports warns about major security flaws in cheap video doorbell cameras.

HP launched a new all-in-one printer subscription plan.

Ford EVs can now access Tesla’s supercharging network and they’re giving owners a free adapter until June 30.

Uber Teen Rides is now available in all 50 states, including California.

Debra wants to know how to correct her Google Maps address listing.

Tim is getting conflicting info about using WiFi calling overseas.

Richard Schneider, president and founder of Antennas Direct, talks about the latest trends in cord-cutting.

Apple is cancelling it’s electric car project it never officially announced.

Eufy has a new LTE cellular camera that doesn’t need Wi-Fi or power outlets.

Joe emailed with some more ways to capture a radio stream. He says he uses a Windows application called Streamwriter to listen and to capture the URL he uses the Bulk Media Downloader extension on Chrome.

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Rich On Tech
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