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Tech Nostalgia & eBay Selling Secrets Revealed

Tech Nostalgia & eBay Selling Secrets Revealed

Rich visited a newly remodeled Best Buy and realized there were no more CDs or DVDs! This led him to take a trip down memory lane of all the technology that is no longer around, like VCR’s, the Walkman, Tube TV’s, Fax Machines, Camcorders and more.

Mike in Ventura asks why computers don’t have DVD drives built in anymore!

Craig in Des Moines says he just got the Samsung A14 smartphone and wants to learn more about the features.

Andrew O'Hara of AppleInsider joined to talk about new features in iOS 17.2.

Apple is adding a new feature called Stolen Device Protection to the iPhone in a future update, based on WSJ reporting.

Gerald in Simi Valley takes us on a trip down memory lane with technology.

Ron in Canoga Park has a Pixel 4a but the software updates have run out. Should he upgrade? Rich recommends getting the Pixel 8 over the 7a because it will get 7 years of software updates, compared to 4 for the a model.

Ron in Orange County needs to adopt a CRM, but wants something simple. Rich recommends checking out offerings from companies like HubSpot, Zoho and FreshSales. Spend time on the website and see which one appeals most to your needs.

Is your smartphone listening to you? One media company says yes.

Vivian in Sun City, CA is having issues getting her phone unlocked to switch carriers.

E3 is permanently shutting down.

Marsha Collier, author of eBay for Dummies, joined to talk about tips and tricks for selling on eBay.

Beverly in Los Angeles wants to know the safest way to send a W9 form. Rich says to look for a file-sharing service that is end-to-end encrypted. ProtonDrive is free up to 1 gigabyte and Wormhole has a super easy, no sign-up drag-and-drop interface.

The Opera GX web browser has added a Panic Button! Tap it and it will quickly mute and pause playback from all open tabs and open a new window with a safe “bland” website.

Manuel wants to shop for some computers for his kids and himself and needs some recommendations. This is a helpful guide.

Instagram has a fun new AI tool that can replace the background in your photo with anything you can imagine!

The TSA will test a self-service screening system at the Las Vegas airport.

Neil in Los Angeles found out that his new hearing aids won’t work with his Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. Should he upgrade? Rich recommends going with the Samsung S23 FE for its combination of features and value.

Microsoft Office launches in VR on the Meta Quest headset.

Apple now lets you buy a replacement case for the AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C.

Reddit users have a solution for a Safari message that says “systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer.” You can try switching off iCloud Private Relay or your VPN to fix it.

iOS 17.2 brings back the ability to change the default notification sound on the iPhone.

Rocket Homes has a new AI-powered CarPlay feature that lets you browse nearby homes for sale as you drive in neighborhoods.

FCC votes to ban early termination fees for cable and satellite TV service.

Volvo and ChargePoint launch 50 fast chargers at Starbucks between Denver and Seattle.


Laura asks if I’ve ever mentioned voice isolation on the iPhone. It’s a cool feature!

Janice is sad because the Mini Karaoke machine I mentioned on TV is sold out on Amazon. Looks like it’s back in stock!

050 - December 16, 2023

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