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Summer Tech Roundup: Foldable Phones, AI Music Lawsuit, and EV Innovations

Summer Tech Roundup: Foldable Phones, AI Music Lawsuit, and EV Innovations

Plus, Google kills another product.

Rich talked about the summer of foldable phones, with upcoming events from Samsung in Paris and an early event from Google in Mountain View.

Amazon is holding a Prime Day on July 16-17, 2024.

Rich talks to organizers and attendees at Vidcon 2024.

Major music companies are suing AI music makers Suno and Udio.

Jeri has an Epson printer and she refilled it and now it won’t print.

Andrew in Huntington Beach needs to use speakerphone on his iPhone since the earpiece no longer works. Use the Call Routing Accessibility feature.

TeamViewer was hacked, but it only affected their corporate IT department, not consumers.

Chris Mattmann, talks about his new role as Chief Data & Artificial Intelligence Officer at UCLA.

Xbox cloud gaming is coming to the Amazon Fire TV stick.

Leeza in Hollywood wants to remove her son from her Microsoft family group.

Mike in Austin has issues with his printers not connecting to his router.

Ookla’s latest report reveals the carrier with the best 5G performance in the United States.

Verizon unveils a new logo.

Google is discontinuing its Stack PDF Scanner app. Alternatives are the Google Drive Scan shortcut or Adobe Scan for iOS and Android.

Volkswagen is investing up to $5 billion in Rivian.

Chargely is a useful EV charging and route planning app.

Tire Rack evaluates nine tires to see which ones perform best for EVs.

Bob Carpenter, President and CEO, GS1 US, talks about the 50th anniversary of the barcode.

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