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Self-Driving Cars & Dark Web Privacy Protection Tips

Self-Driving Cars & Dark Web Privacy Protection Tips

Originally aired April 20, 2024. Episode 68.

Rich discusses the current state of self-driving and autonomous cars.

Rick in Manhattan Beach wants a way to get music onto his iPod Shuffle. Rich recommended WALTR Pro. On Windows, try CopyTrans Manager.

China has ordered Apple to remove WhatsApp, Threads, Signal and Telegram from the App Store.

Laura Mae Martin, Google’s Executive Productivity Advisor and author Uptime: A Practical Guide to Personal Productivity and Wellbeing.

Angie in Los Angeles has a laptop with a virus and wants to bring it to a store for help. Rich recommends uBreakiFix or search Yelp for “computer repair.”

Samsung overtook Apple for the top spot in smartphone sales in Q1 2024.

Airchat is the hot new social media network. Think Twitter but with voice messages that are transcribed so you can see and hear what people say.

Adam in Orlando is curious about searching for his personal information on the Dark Web. Resources mentioned: Google One Dark Web report, Google Results About You, Keeper Security Dark Web Scan, Aura Dark Web Scan (great results) and (try this first!)

Rich also mentioned DuckDuckGo email protection and cloaked email addresses.

Netflix now has nearly 270 million subscribers.

Gus in Moreno Valley, CA says Google Chrome disappeared from his computer. Rich says to make sure your Sync is turned on and you can always reinstall to recover your bookmarks, extensions and settings.

Dan O’Dowd of The Dawn Project explains why Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software isn’t ready for the streets.

William in Chino says his church livestream buffers when Netflix and YouTube work fine.

Bill in Santa Monica shares a story about MobileX and Walmart.

Edward in Tampa wants to know if he should buy a new iPhone SE now or wait for the new one. Rich recommends checking the MacRumors Buyers Guide.

Meta AI launches in a big way in the search bar in Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger. Rich recommends trying out the instant AI image generator called Imagine.

Samsung is bringing Galaxy AI features to older devices, including the S22 series, Fold 4, Flip 4, and Tab S8. The update will roll out in early May.

Rick in Thousand Oaks wants to know how to tell which carrier signal is best at a certain address. Rich mentioned the OpenSignal App, CellMapper, and RootMetrics.

Logitech is launching a mouse with a dedicated ChatGPT button.

Rosie Okumura, voice actor and content creator, will talk about her viral videos that prank scam callers to waste their time and offer tips on how to stay safe.

Amazon is reportedly ditching its Just Walk Out technology for its own stores but will still license the technology to third-party retailers.

Google is discontinuing its Google One VPN for everyone except Pixel users.

Charter has new streaming TV packages you can bundle with high-speed internet plans from them.

Brother sweeps Wirecutter’s new reviews of portable document scanners.

Nothing’s new earbuds are actually pretty great and affordable.

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