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Samsung S24 lineup, Apple Vision Pro & Top TV Picks

Samsung S24 lineup, Apple Vision Pro & Top TV Picks

Rich talked about going to San Jose for Samsung Unpacked to unveil the Galaxy S24 lineup.

See the colors of the S24 Ultra here. Learn more about the phones here.

Rich loves the new Google Circle to Search feature on Android phones, coming first to S24 series and Pixel 8 series on January 31 and later on the S23 series.

Watch a demo of the Circle to Search feature.

Terry in Seal Beach wants to know if his text messages will still come through even if he takes the SIM out of his phone.

Rich mentioned that he loves a $15 product he found at CES called Gator Grip, which is basically a simple way to prop up your phone or tablet to watch videos and more.

Ray Wong, tech reviewer at, will give his impressions of the new AI features on the Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup

Char in Colorado Springs is having trouble transferring her phone number to a new phone.

John in Temecula is having issues getting his new Samsung A15 phone to connect to his mobile extender that only supports 4G. Rich recommends switching to WiFi calling.

A caller in Venice is wondering if you can sync Gmail across various apps. Rich recommends using the Gmail app to do this or making sure the account is setup as IMAP in the native email app on iPhone.

We played the Dionne Warwick song Do You Know the Way to San Jose? Rich mentioned the restaurant to go to in San Jose is Original Joe’s.

Verizon is raising prices on older unlimited plans by $4 a month.

Rich described what it’s like to wear Apple’s Vision Pro headset.

Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern will join to share her thoughts on trying on Apple Vision Pro for the fourth time.

Gladon in Long Beach has Spectrum and wants to get Disney+ for free. Rich says sign up at Spectrum first and then follow the directions to link a Disney+ account.

Marshall in Reseda wants to know if there is a good USB flash drive for his Samsung phone. Rich recommends models from SanDisk and PNY.

The Dolphins vs Chief’s playoff game aired exclusively on the streaming service Peacock and it was the most streamed event in history with over 23 million viewers.

Katie in Century City wants to know if she can sign up for a new cellular provider but keep her old phone number from AT&T. Rich says yes, it’s called a Port out, just be sure to get a PIN from AT&T first.

Turns out, browsing the web in Google Chrome’s Incognito mode isn’t so private after all.

Rich loves the Perplexity AI app and recommends downloading it.

Dennis in Corona wants to know if his Verizon phone will work with T-Mobile service. Rich says to use the IMEI checker on T-Mobile’s website to find out.

TV reviewer Caleb Denison will share his top TV picks for Super Bowl Sunday.

Meta will now nudge teens to close the app if they spend 10 minutes or more on Instagram on Reels or in DM’s late at night.

Wall Street Journal says there’s a huge hidden cost to subscriptions.

When Apple Vision pro launches, some prominent apps won’t be on board.

Wirecutter has new picks for the best Wi-Fi mesh networking systems.

Consumer Reports says Facebook users are monitored by thousands of companies.

Norton launches a new AI tool called Norton Genie to help you figure out if a text, email or social media post is a scam.

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