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Rich's Holiday Gift Picks & Removing Duplicate Pictures

Rich's Holiday Gift Picks & Removing Duplicate Pictures

Rich talked about some of his favorite gadgets for the holiday shopping season.

Darren asks how to turn off read receipts for his texts on a Samsung S23+

Angelina asks if she should get her son the Quest 3. He has the Quest 2.

Larry asks if it’s OK to give out the serial number and IMEI of the iPhone he wants to sell to a potential buyer. Swappa has a free IMEI checker.

Steve Tcherchian of XYPRO Technology will talk about NameDrop, FaceID security, physical phone security and open WiFi networks and VPN’s.

Christine in Huntington Beach asks why she can no longer press # to skip a person’s voicemail. That’s because Apple has toggled on a new feature called Live Voicemail and now your phone is “intercepting” voicemails to transcribe what the caller is saying on screen. You can toggle this under Settings > Phone > Live Voicemail

Robin asks how to get rid of duplicate photos on the iPhone. You can use the Duplicates finder under Photos App > Albums > Duplicates or try the apps Gemini or Swipewipe

Debbie in the Smokey Mountains asks why text message sounds interrupt her phone calls. Rich says to check the settings under Messages > Settings > Hear outgoing and incoming message sounds.

WhatsApp has a new feature called Secret Code for Chat Lock.

Fred in Camarillo asks why he can no longer AirPlay from his phone to Apple TV.

Apple and Google have named their best apps of 2023.

Scott Knapp, Amazon’s Director of Worldwide Buyer Risk Prevention will explain how to avoid popular holiday shopping scams that involve Amazon.

Amazon Top 100ish Gifts list for holiday shopping ideas!

Liz in San Jose says her AirPods are not connecting to her iPhone 15 Pro.

Rick in Clinton, Mississippi found an iPhone 7 and wants to know how to reset it to factory settings. You can try a standard Restore or a deeper DFU Restore. Keep in mind the phone might be locked to an account.

Brenda in Anaheim has a question about the OnePlus Open.

Gary wants a dash cam that will let him remotely monitor his dog in his car. Rich says to check out Ring Car Cam, Nexar connected cam, Owlcam, Garmin Live cam and BlackVue LTE cams. Keep in mind you will have to pay a monthly or yearly fee for the cellular connection.

Mario in Riverside wants to recover deleted files on an external hard drive. Rich says to check out data recovery programs like Recuva, EaseUS, and Stellar. If you don’t want to DIY, look up a data doctor or data recovery specialist on Yelp.

AJ Forsythe of Coop talks about his smart chicken coop.

Tesla delivered it’s first Cybertrucks.

Evernote is now limiting free users to just 50 notes.

Google’s Nest cameras can now use AI to tell you when your garage door is open.


Jeff from Frisco, Texas shares the portable charger he loves.

Chuck says he bought the OnePlus Fold and loves it.

Steve shared his road trip story of how long it took to drive his Mustang EV from Orange County to Lake Tahoe. He says chargers need to get better.

Listeners recommended their favorite apps.

Ana recommends CamScanner.

Chris like Scannable and the recipe app Paprika.

Yvonne like RV Parky and Ground News.

048 - December 2, 2023

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