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Protecting Your Job From Automation & Amazing AI Voice Notes App

Protecting Your Job From Automation & Amazing AI Voice Notes App

Originally aired April 13, 2024. Episode 67.

Rich discusses how we are automating jobs out of existence and the secret to keeping yours.

Chuck, in Pasadena, visited a robot that made a burger chain called Cali Express. Here’s my original video on Flippy, the burger-flipping robot.

The Roku hack is worse than expected. The company says it has affected more than 500,000 accounts.

Dave Malkoff, a CBS News reporter, talks about reporting on the Total Eclipse and his first-hand experience. He recommended two apps, FlightRadar24 and RadarScope, for live weather radars.

Udio is a new AI songmaker that’s getting a lot of buzz.

Michelle, in Encinitas, CA, wants to know how her ex-husband was able to take over her email account.

If you have an LG TV, you should check for a firmware update to patch a security vulnerability.

Jerry in Pennsylvania wants to know why he can log into his account on one machine but not another.

Virginia in Utica, NY, wants to know if she should still use AOL email or switch to Gmail. Rich mentioned a Gmail hack that lets you use multiple addresses by adding a plus sign to your username, a website called 10 Minute Mail for temporary email addresses, and for instructions on deleting your old accounts.

Meta is introducing new tools to combat sextortion by blurring out nude images in DM’s by default on teen accounts and encouraging the feature for adults, too.

John in Rosemead is looking for a great business card scanning app. Rich says he hasn’t found a good one yet. But popular options to try are Covve, CardHQ and Evernote. Rich’s recommendation: use the OCR function built into the photo app on iOS and Android and copy and paste the info into your contacts.

Belkin CEO Steven Malony on innovation, careers, and sustainability in the tech space. Plus, Alisa Sommer O'Hara of Google discusses following your curiosity for a tech job.

Christina in Long Beach wants to save a voicemail. Visual Voicemail allows you to export the audio file on iOS and Android.

Sam in Sherman Oaks wants to know which antenna to get for over-the-air channels. Rich recommends checking out the website

Ben, who lives in Los Angeles, has a 10-year-old MacBook and wants to replace it.

Carlos in Downey wants a way to sync his iPhone photos to his computer. Rich recommends Image Capture.

Terry in Seal Beach is curious about using an eSIM on his Google Pixel for international calls and texts.

MobileX founder and CEO Peter Adderton discusses how the company is disrupting the wireless carrier space with AI. is the coolest new way to take voice notes and search for the info in them later.

Google is making its AI Magic editing tools free.

Tesla cut the price of its self-driving subscription in half, but it’s more stressful to have your car drive for you than just driving your car yourself (at this point!).

Google’s Find My Devices network has launched. AirTag-style trackers hit the market in May.

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