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Preventing Tech Headaches & Configuring Emergency Contacts

Preventing Tech Headaches & Configuring Emergency Contacts

Rich talked about how everything is on demand these days. He used to have to wait for Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer to air once a year during the holidays. Now you can just buy or stream anything you want on demand.

Seraphine asks why the audio and video is out of sync on a particular TV channel. Fred chimed in via email to say it’s probably because they are compressing the signal too much.

Ryan Greene, founder of tech support company GoGoQuincy will join to share 5 Preemptive Tech Steps to take today to prevent tech headaches tomorrow.

Richard in San Bernardino says no one remembers phone numbers anymore.

Mike in Los Angeles says his Samsung phone automatically dials 911 and the voice assistant activates when he puts in the car holder. Rich says the holder is pressing the side button and to get a new holder. Rich likes the custom holders from ProClip.

Bird scooter is filing for bankruptcy.

Dr. Chris Pierson, a cybersecurity expert with, will share tips on how to keep your digital life safe and protected.

Carmen in Hollywood lost access to her work WiFi and wants to know if the password is stored on her phone. It is but only if it’s a saved network. You can check on Samsung by going to Settings > Connections > Wifi > (three dots) > Advanced Settings > Manage networks. Tap a network to see the password. On iPhone, go to Settings > WiFi > Edit > KNOWN NETWORKS. Tap the (i) and then tap Password to see it.

Regulators are proposing new rules to protect kids online.

Ernie in La Mirada wants to know if virus pop-ups on his phone are real. Rich says to go through the list of installed apps and uninstall any you don’t know or recognize. Then, clear the history on your web browser and restart your phone.

Carrie in Torrance wants to know how emergency contacts can call through when the iPhone is on Do Not Disturb. Contacts > Contact > Edit > Ringtone > Emergency Bypass

On Android, go to Settings > Notifications > Do not disturb > Calls and messages and choose the people you want to be able to “breakthrough.”

Android’s Nearby Share is getting rebranded as Quick Share.

Looking for an AirDrop that works across iPhone and Android and even Windows and Mac Computers? Try Just go to the website from any browser and any two devices on the same WiFi network can swap photos, videos, files and more quickly and with no sign-in —Via Jared Newman’s excellent Advisorator newsletter.

Gene in San Francisco is unhappy with the SiriusXM update on iPhone and wants to know if there’s a way to go back to the old app.

Xfinity has a data breach impacting an estimated 36 million people.

WSJ has a must-read piece on how a thief broke into hundreds of iPhones and stole thousands of dollars from victims. Watch the YouTube video, too, and learn how to protect yourself.

Mercedes will use turquoise exterior lights to let other drivers know the car is self-driving

Bill Raduchel, author of "The Bleeding Edge: My Six Decades at the Forefront of the Tech Revolution" will chat about key takeaways from from a career in technology.

Bill explained the term “abstraction layer,” which is a piece of technology that does work without the need to specify how it works.

Bill in Oshkosh, WI is thankful for the Orcam 3, which helps his low-vision son see.

Google will pay over $700 in a settlement related to the Play Store.

iMazing 3 Beta is now available for Windows and macOS.

051 - December 23, 2023

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