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OnePlus Open foldable phone & cybersecurity tips

OnePlus Open foldable phone & cybersecurity tips

042 - October 21, 2023

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Rich talks about his experience renting a Tesla. Bottom line: it’s a ton of fun to rent but be prepared to learn how to drive it if you haven’t before, and take charging into consideration.

Carmen in Hollywood wants to know how to restore her messages in WhatsApp.

Netflix is raising prices. Here are direct links to cancel streaming subscriptions.

Isavel emailed to ask if she can use her daughters old Apple Watch even though she doesn’t use an iPhone. Rich recommends using Family Setup to set it up.

Rob in Los Angeles wants to know if he can switch to a different authenticator app.

Franchesca in Los Angeles wants to known how to operate her new smartphone.

Mickey in Camarillo wants to know when to use a VPN. Rich recommends listening to the interview on a recent show.

Rich mentioned the Emergency SOS over satellite feature on the iPhone 14 and 15 models and how you should familiarize yourself with them. If you’re Android and want a similar feature, check out the moto defy satellite link.

Jerry in Northridge wants to know if it’s still safe to run macOS Sonoma. Rich says yes as long as it’s getting security updates. You can check this website for more information on software End of Life.

Marcel Campos talks about the OnePlus Open foldable phone

Firoza in Los Angeles wants to know about the dual SIM feature on the iPhone, especialy for staying connected overseas.

Joanie on X wants to know how to switch to taking lower resolution photos on the iPhone. Rich says you can switch back to 12 megapixels by going to Settings > Camera > Formats > Photo Mode > 12 MP

Tom asks on X if he should buy an Apple Watch band on Amazon or direct from Apple. Rich says go with an official band from Apple. He also likes Nomad bands.

Consumer Reports has an app called Permission Slip that can help you submit requests to ask companies to delete or not sell your data.

Apple has a new lower priced Apple Pencil.

T-Mobile is raising prices for some unlimited plans but you will have the option to opt out.

IRS is piloting a free, direct filing system for the 2024 tax season.

Tatiana in Banning, CA wants to know why her YouTube Premium account isn’t working.

Google has launched a Magnifer app for Pixel phones to help low vision users.

Michael Sinno, Google Cybersecurity Expert with tips on how to protect yourself online.

Wirecutter has a fresh set of picks for the best retro-looking tabletop radios.

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