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OnePlus 12 Smartphone & Mother of All Data Breaches

OnePlus 12 Smartphone & Mother of All Data Breaches

Rich talked about the ramifications of switching his SIM into the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in order to really test it. He loves the powerful nature of the phone - the screen, antennas and even the software - but the Apple ecosystem is tough to shake. His MagSafe chargers don’t work with the phone and the people he texts with are commenting about the green bubble. Overall, the phone is excellent, it just needs a bit of software update polish for the camera.

Jim in Claremont, CA asked about the language translation features on the new Samsung phones.

Fake AI Taylor Swift images are circulating on the internet and they’re going to be tough to stop.

The first election issue related to AI happened in New Hampshire where voters got a robocall with an AI generated President Biden voice asking them not to vote.

Juan Carlos Bagnell, SomeGadgetGuy on YouTube, will review the OnePlus 12 smartphone.

Loren in San Diego wants to know if T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet will be sufficient for streaming TV shows and movies on his smart TV.

They’re calling it the Mother of All Data Breaches, someone compiled usernames, passwords, emails and phone numbers from past breaches into one giant database. You can check to see if your data is included here. Make sure you’re not re-using the same passwords across websites and enable two factor authentication where possible.

Rich talked about using JustWatch for his movie watching list.

Stanley in Bettsville, Ohio is wondering if he should use transfer software to move computers.

Richard in St. Charles, Illinois wants to avoid Windows Updates.

Turn on Stolen Device Protection in iOS 17.3 to prevent thieves from accessing your personal data if they take your phone.

Gordon Costa Mesa wants to know about a good laptop for basic needs.

Mitch Goldstone, of, will explain how small businesses can secure a portion of a $5.5 billion payment card settlement he secured.

Apple will overhaul the App Store and Payments in Europe.

Ed in Las Vegas wants to know about TabloTV.

Matt in Seal Beach wants help with a mesh internet system that will handle super high internet speeds. Rich says to take a look at the new eero Max 7.

Rich mentioned how much he loves the FlyFin AI app to help you find deductible expenses.

BBB warns about getting “ghosted” by your tax preparer.

The IRS Direct File is going to let users in 12 states file taxes for free, with some restrictions.

The Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro now come in a new Mint color and are getting new features including Circle to Search and the 8 Pro can now be used to measure human body temperature.

John Faulkner of CleanFleetReport will review the Kia EV 9.

Ring is sunsetting it’s Request for Assistance Tool in the Neighbors app.

Newegg Refreshed has refurbished products with a 90 day guarantee.

U.S. Mobile has compelling new plans.

Google’s Art Selfie 2 will transform your selfie into a work of art.

If you want the Apple Car, you might have to wait until 2028.

The T-Mobile Tuesdays App switches to T Life.

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