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Nothing Phone is actually something

Nothing Phone is actually something

028 Rich on Tech Radio Show - July 15, 2023

Rich is testing the new iOS 17 Public Beta software. He only recommends installing it if you are tech savvy or have a secondary device. Otherwise, the official software launches in the Fall.

A feature called Personal Voice in iOS 17 lets you recreate your own voice using AI.

If you’re going to the movies, be sure to enable Theater Mode on your watch. Don’t forget to turn it off when you leave the theater.

Rich switched to Notion for his note-taking.

Rich really likes the Nothing Phone (2).

Rod in Los Angeles says his computer mouse is constantly double clicking.

Hollywood actors are on strike and AI is part of the problem.

Guest Sissie Hsiao explains what’s new with Google Bard.

Marcy in Rancho Cucamonga asks about a data breach. Google has a free and paid dark web monitoring service. You can learn more about it here.

Ted in Fountain Valley asks if he can transfer his software over to his new laptop.

Amazon Prime Day sets a new record for sales.

Kathy in Duarte doesn’t like the Yahoo email redesign.

AmazeVR’s Lance Drake and Kyungkuk Kim to talk about their new VR concert app.

Kerry in Santa Ynez wants to know why her friend’s TV volume goes up and down.

Leslie in Laguna Beach is having trouble with Mint. Is there an alternative?

The Roku Channel is now on Google TV

Barry wants to know why his NTFS drive isn’t working on his mac. Check out NTFS for Mac from Paragon Software.

Google Calendar now lets you easily find a mutual meeting time and accept paid appointments.

Ben Sin reviews the Nothing Phone (2).

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Rich on Tech
Rich On Tech
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