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Mint alternatives & avoiding online selling scams

Mint alternatives & avoiding online selling scams

044 - November 4, 2023

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Rich talked about how he noticed his Halloween low light photos are getting better over the years as smartphone cameras and sensors continue to improve.

He also explained how he books flights using Google Flights and loves the website, which helps you make the most of your rewards points. Use code RICHONTECH to get your first month for $1.

Rich shared his road test thoughts on the Rivian R1S SUV. Overall, he loved the rugged good looks and creature comforts, but charging it fast and on the road proved to be a challenge.

Consumer Reports tested USB-C and Lightning cables to find the most durable. The winners? Apple’s and Amazon Basics.

John in Los Angeles asks if there’s a service provider that can forward emails from his domain to his Gmail inbox. Rich says he uses Hover for this purpose and it’s only $5 a year. Use this referral link and it might save you a few bucks. Michael emailed to say Cloudflare does something similar.

There’s a new Beatles song called Now and Then and it was made possible thanks to AI.

Chuck in Laguna Nigel asks about plug in hybrid vehicles.

HBO Max is downgrading features for longtime subscribers on the grandfathered $15.99 plan.

Terry in Temecula is having issues accessing ChatGPT. He keeps getting error messages. Rich says to clear the cookies and cache for the website and that should help. Rich also recommended checking out other AI options including Claude AI and Google’s Bard.

You can now move the URL/Address bar on Chrome for iOS to the bottom of the screen to match what Safari did in iOS 16.

Mickey in Camarillo wants to know if gift cards can be used online or in store. Rich says it depends, so be sure to check the gift card redemption details before you buy. Also, check out Raise for discounted gift cards.

The cashback shopping app Ibotta is giving away free Thanksgiving dinners.

Steven in San Diego is wondering what to do now that Mint is shutting down. Rich says there are two types of alternatives: those that help you budget and those that help you see all of your financial accounts in one place. At the end of the day it will come down to which app you like best and if you want to pay for the service. Check out CoPilot, Monarch, PocketGuard, YNAB, EveryDollar and Empower. For budgeting, Rich says he uses a simple Excel spreadsheet.

Page emailed to say they like Quicken Simplifi for finances.

Rich has been checking out CoPilot. Use my referral code QXCTP4 to get 2 months free.

Stephanie shared a story about how she got scammed by trying to sell something on Facebook Marketplace. She ended up calling a phony Zelle number she quickly found on Google.

Elsa in Playa Del Rey asks if she should do the free trial for NETGEAR Armor. Also, Elsa mentioned the free privacy email service from DuckDuckGo.

Louis in Riverside is trying to set up a passed down iPhone but it has an activation lock enabled.

Larissa May is a digital wellness activist and the founder of #HalfTheStory, a non-profit focused on educating, advocating and mitigating the harms associated with social media and tech use.

Helpful apps Larissa mentioned: OneSec and Opal App.

Apple is quietly discontinuing it’s voice based $5 Apple Music plan.

Apple has new M3 chips, new laptops and a new iMac.

If you’re looking for more free streaming options, check out Xumo Play.

Samsung might launch the S24 even earlier next year.

Apple Arcade is getting new games for the holiday season. Rich downloaded Knotwords+ and it’s a fun twist on a word puzzler.

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