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iOS 18 & Apple Intelligence

iOS 18 & Apple Intelligence

Plus, advice for using eSIMs when traveling abroad

Rich detailed new features coming soon to iOS 18 and Apple Intelligence.

Steve from Pittsburgh asked about eSIMs for international travel. Rich mentioned Airalo (use my code RICH5375 for $3 off), GigSky’s FREE 100 MB eSIM and Saily.

Microsoft is delaying its AI Recall feature.

Tony in Los Angeles is curious about the iPhone’s Live Voicemail.

Sue in the Pacific Palisades is concerned Fall Detection on the Apple Watch isn’t working properly.

Bret in Laamar, Colorado shares his Apple ID with his wife and now they get shared voicemails and call logs. Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Under APPS USING ICLOUD, tap Show All > Toggle Phone & FaceTime off

Samsung Galaxy Watch FE launches June 24, 2024 for $199. An LTE version arrives in October.

Rich detailed prominent changes are coming to Apple Watch, iPads, macOS computers, and Apple Vision Pro.

TechCrunch listed the third-party apps that Apple is “sherlocking” with its own versions baked into operating systems.

Alan in Santa Clarita is worried that a shared iCloud album is taking up too much storage space.

Mike in Corona is concerned that software updates are changing the functionality of his apps.

Journalists at Apple’s WWDC discuss the announcements that stand out most to them.

Jerry in Rancho Santa Margarita is having issues with his iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Dad Can’t Draw is a website that instantly creates custom coloring book pages for kids.

Olivia in Huntington Beach needs to connect one mouse and keyboard to various computers and monitors. Rich mentioned a KVM Switch, Mouse Without Borders and ShareMouse.

Hal in Simi Valley is having trouble preserving formatting when copying and pasting tables from a website.

Jay in Lancaster has a Logitech M720 that can run multiple computers simultaneously.

Matthew S. Smith, freelance tech journalist, discusses what to look for when buying a computer monitor. Here’s his buying guide.

Yahoo Mail gets a modern makeover with AI-powered features.

You can now renew your passport online.

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