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How Your Phone Spies on You & WiFi 7 Explained

How Your Phone Spies on You & WiFi 7 Explained

63 - March 16, 2024

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Rich talked about how much data our phones collect on us and how you can check to see which apps access what and revoke these permissions!

Shelly in Seal Beach wants a new laptop to replace her iMac.

A new website called Speedtest Performance from OOKLA helps you find the fastest internet service provider near you based on real-life speed tests.

Dr. Scott J. White, associate professor and director of The George Washington University’s Cybersecurity Program and Cyber Academy, will explain TikTok's security concerns.

Adam in Los Angeles is curious about the difference between a tower PC and a smaller desktop PC.

Roku had a data breach affecting 15,000 users.

Wayne in Yorba Linda is wondering about transferring data to a thumb drive to free up space.

Robert in Roseville, Michigan wants to know if you download TikTok does it infect your phone with spyware? Here’s info on how to delete your account or download the data TikTok has on you.

Kashmir Hill, Technology Reporter at the New York Times, will explain how our cars spy on us.

Airbnb bans indoor security cameras.

Walmart is selling a MacBook Air for $699.

Mike in Royal Oak, Michigan needs help freeing up space on an old Samsung phone. Rich says to check in Settings > Device Care > Storage and also use the Google Files app to clean up storage.

Tom in Eau Clair Wisconsin has an old Android phone that he can’t remember the lock pattern for. It contains thousands of dollars of crypto. You might be able to use Google credentials to unlock it. Rich also mentioned Graykey.

Gary in Irvine has a lot of email attachments he wants to download. Rich says to check out a helper app to help extract attachments.

Dwight Silverman, freelance tech columnist for the Houston Chronicle, will explain what we need to know about WiFi 7.

Google Chrome is introducing real-time protection for links you click in the web browser. They say it will cut down on phishing attempts by 25%.

Keurig has new compostable K-Cups called K-Rounds.

Pew Research Center surveyed Teens and Parents and Screen Time. The major takeaway: we love our phones but we spend too much time on them, we argue about them but in the end, we all like what they can do.

Google I/O will be held on May 14 and 15, 2024. Expect new AI tools, a cheaper Pixel 8a, Pixel Fold 2 and maybe a new Pixel tablet.

Apple Sports app got its first update and it now supports MLB and NCAA March Madness.

Watch out for investment schemes advertised on social media featuring billionaire investors. It could be a pump-and-dump scam.

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