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How to get the best Wi-Fi signal

How to get the best Wi-Fi signal

039 - September 30, 2023

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Rich recapped his top-secret trip to NYC. He has been comparing the iPhone 15 Pro Max photos to the iPhone 14 Pro, the Nothing (2) phone and the Pixel 7 Pro.

In NYC he saw a luggage robot, a neat RFID self-checkout at UNIQLO and a self-checkout at the airport that asked him for a tip!

Fernando in Laguna Hills wants a new SD Card reader that has a battery and Wi-Fi so he can access files on the go. Rich says to check out the NewQ Filehub which seems to fit the bill but hasn’t tested it.

The CEO of X apparently doesn’t have the X app on her iPhone homescreen.

Michael in Canoga Park wants the Opera Browser on Kindle Fire tablet. Rich says you need to find the APK and then sideload it, but first you need to allow outside apps, so be aware of the security implications of doing this.

Google is rolling out a redesigned At a Glance widget.

Google is rolling out a new AI powered Memories tab in Google Photos.

Jack in Goldendale, Washington, wants to know if he can take the old SIM card out and pop it into the new phone.

James writes in about how his daughter was scammed and shared her iPhone screen to scam artists and he’s worried that he should change his Wi-Fi password.

Paul in Brea wants to know if he can safely get rid of his old computers at a weekend recycling event. Ideally you should erase data from the computers using a factory reset or an app like shredOS, or use a screwdriver to remove the hard drive and drill through it or take it to a recycling center with a shredder.

There’s a new Fitbit Charge 6, which adds more accurate heart rate tracking, new workouts, GPS and more. It’s $160 and available this fall.

Bill in San Diego wants to know how to download all Gmail emails. Rich says to use Google Takeout. Also, it’s a good idea to set up a Legacy Contact on Google and Apple that can download your data in the event of your death.

Matthew Cassinelli, discusses iPhone Shortcuts and how to best use the iPhone 15 Pro’s new Action Button. He mentioned the Soro app for controlling Sonos.

Karen is in San Pedro wants to know if she needs a new phone because it won’t charge.

ChatGPT gets voice and image capabilities.

Google is ending it’s support for Basic HTML.

Antonio in Covina asks if he should leave his laptop plugged in all the time.

Windows brings back the “never combine” action for the taskbar.

Meta has new AI features coming to apps including WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram and Facebook Stories. They are AI stickers, Restyle and Backdrop.

David Henry, President and General Manager of Connected Home Products and Services at NETGEAR to talk Wi-Fi. His recommended Orbi for mesh networking and Nighthawk for a standard router.

Teens have a complicated relationship with their smartphones; they’re bombarded with notifications and spend a majority of their time on social media, including TikTok.

MrBeast is the top digital creator, making $82 million a year.

Nathan sends in a reminder that if you’re Samsung phone isn’t getting the latest updates you can force it using the desktop Smart Switch app.

Donna warns about a tech support scam that almost got her senior citizen friend.

Scott says he is having issues with eSims from Airalo, but likes the customer service they provide.

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