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How to avoid malware & best password managers

How to avoid malware & best password managers

043 - October 28, 2023

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Rich talked about how the concert going experience has been modernized by technology including digital tickets, self serve concessions and more.

Marvin in Colorado asked what the baseball card scanning app I mentioned a long time ago on the show. It’s called CollX.

Apple is holding an event called Scary Fast on October 30. New Mac computers are expected.

Apple is raising prices for streaming services.

Mark Stockley, Senior Threat Intelligence Researcher at Malwarebytes joined to explain what Malware is and how to avoid and remove it.

Melody in Carlsbad, CA says she got an email about a Geek Squad and is wondering if they are trying to scam her.

Mark in Winnetka, CA can’t seem to remove URL icons he’s dragged to the desktop. Rich says to try dragging the icon into the Recycle bin or select the icon and hit the Shift and Del keys at the same time. You might need to sign in with Admin access to complete the action.

Cruise pauses driverless car operations in all of it’s markets.

Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Wonder game for the Switch is a lot of fun and Rich recommends it for holiday gifts or just to play yourself!

Malware and Phishing continues to get worse.

Mary Jean got a new iPhone and wants to transfer her old information, but can’t find the security PIN.

Edwin has a Dell computer and wants a USB microphone for it so he can do ham radio. Rich recommends a Yeti or similar. He also likes the Tula mic and the MiCreator Studio if you want something more premium.

Google has a free new tool to help you create AI images.

Rich is testing out the Samsung S23 FE, which is a good phone at a nice price of $599, but Rich suspects it will be even cheaper over the holidays.

Doreen in Simi Valley has a problem with the neighbor’s dog barking and wants to try a device called Dog Silencer Max.

John in Moorepark asks about which password manager is best for someone who only uses an iPhone. Rich likes iCloud Keychain for this, but also recommends Google Passwords and Bitwarden for free, Dashlane and ProtonPass for paid.

Carlette in Alpine has issues with programs not opening her phone videos. Rich suspects it is recording videos in a high efficiency format.

Did you know you can open QR codes on the iPhone by tapping and pressing on the onscreen code?

Pause ads are making their way into popular streaming services.

Luke Heine co-founder and co-director of the Fair Opportunity Project. They’ve built an AI chatbot to help students fill out and understand the FAFSA.

Bobo shared a real estate rental scam that happened to him and you should be aware of.

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