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eSIM explained

eSIM explained

August 26, 2023 (Episode 34)

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Rich talks about Bob Barker’s passing and his memories of being on The Price is Right back in the day. Also, Rich talks about his experiences with eSIMs.

Scott in Atlanta asks about getting iMessages on Android and Windows There are many ways, including Phone Link for Windows 11AirMessageBlueBubblesBeeper and Sunbird. Be careful as all of them are working around Apple official protocols. Apple should adopt RCS.

Scott Johnson, founder of the Frog Pants network, and host of the video games news and views podcast, CORE. Johnson talks about the Sony PlayStation Portal.

Barry in Mission Viejo asks if he will need a travel convertor or adapter for his upcoming European trip. Rich has a few picks for travel adapters.

Threads is now on the web.

LinkedIn accounts are getting hacked, so protect yours.

John in Los Angeles is locked out of his Gmail account.

Shutterfly takes a turn and says they won’t delete your photos if you’ve been inactive for 18 months, but they will delete them if you’ve been inactive for 5 years. You can stay active by ordering a photo every once in a while.

Callsheet App is a clean alternative to IMDB.

Judy in San Diego wants to know about Kyocera rugged phones.

Dr. Chris Pierson CEO & Founder of BLACKCLOAK to talk about AI and hacking.

Carrie in Mission Viejo wants to know why her Zoom audio isn’t working. Use to troubleshoot whether it’s a hardware or software issue.

AT&T has a new plug and play internet solution called Internet Air.

Rich is testing out a new all-in-one service for drives, clouds, notes, links and files. It’s called Fabric.

Andrea is in Los Angeles and wants to know how to back up the iPhone besides iCloud.

Emily Dreibelbis, electric vehicle reporter for PCMag talked about advancements in EV battery tech and her list of affordable EV’s.

Samsung has a special Disney edition of their Frame TV.

Bixby can now clone your voice.

The Atari 2600 is coming back.

Barry wants to buy a device to keep track of someone with dementia. Rich says to check out the Jiobit.

Roger wants to block ads on Android for free. Rich recommends checking out AdGuard DNS.

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