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Cloaked Calls & AI Checkouts

Cloaked Calls & AI Checkouts

Originally aired May 4, 2024. Episode 70.

Rich opened the mailbag to answer listener questions.

Victor asked if Apple will introduce a new iPad Pro this year. Rich says Apple’s Let Loose event on May 7 is expected to unveil new models.

Tish asks if she should use AT&T Internet Air or Spectrum Fiber at 1 gigabit speed.

Michael, who is in Kentucky, asks how to hide his real phone number when signing up for services. Rich mentioned Cloaked, Burner App, T-Mobile DIGITS, Verizon’s Second Number and Google Voice.

Sue asked why she and her significant other’s iPhone accounts seemed intertwined. Rich says to set up separate Apple IDs but link them up using Apple Family Sharing.

Bonnie in Santa Barbara wonders if she should switch from faster to slower internet to save money.

Brian Chesky, co-founder of Airbnb, and Jay Carney, who leads public policy, will talk about their new icons offering and more.

Sara in Ventura has mistakenly locked up her phone and can’t access her two-factor authentication codes.

T-Mobile now owns Mint Mobile.

Roku devices will soon have home screen ads.

Kathy in Laguna Niguel wants to know if she should pay to replace the modem on her solar system or connect it using a wired connection.

Sam’s Club is replacing receipt checkers at the exit doors with AI and computer vision to do the job automatically.

Jack Winston, founder of BePresent, discusses how the app can help users use their smartphones less.

John says he’s running out of space on his hard drive and wants to know how to free up storage. Rich mentioned BleachBit and WinDirStat. You could also change the default storage location for documents.

LinkedIn now has three new games: Crossclimb, Pinpoint and Queens.

Brad in Key West says he lost photos on his iPhone during a recent software update. Rich mentioned checking the Recently Deleted album in the Photos App and backing up photos to a third-party service like Amazon Photos, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Photos.

UnitedHealthcare says 1/3 of Americans might be involved in their data breach.

Anthropic releases Claude AI as a free app for iOS.

John in Bakersfield had online banking fraud and needs help.

John Faulkner of Clean Fleet Report will join to give a review of the all-electric Acura ZDX.

Mindtrip.AI is a new way to use AI to plan travel.

The popular Arc web browser is now available on Windows.

Shaka Guide is an app that turns your smartphone into a GPS audio guide for places around Hawaii, national parks and scenic drives.

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