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Best of CES 2024 & Bitcoin Explained

Best of CES 2024 & Bitcoin Explained

Rich talked about CES 2024 and how it is back in a big way. The latest numbers say there are 135,000 visitors from 40 countries and 4000+ exhibitors to see. Rich has posted his highlights here.

Gary Shapiro, President and CEO at the Consumer Technology Association talks CES 2024.

You can watch Rich’s CES TV segments below:

CES 2024: Transparent TVs, fingerprint locks, robots

CES 2024: smarter cars and a self-docking boat

CES 2024: TVs and smart glasses everywhere

CES 2024: AI Baby Stroller, All Electric Grill & Apple Vision Pro

The AI device Rabbit r1 got a lot of attention at CES.

Rich talked about his experience at the Sphere in Las Vegas. The Postcard from Earth movie uses a unique new way of storytelling that involves a huge screen and elements like wind, scents, moving seats and more. It’s expensive but something to check out for sure.

Rich also did a “splurge” dinner at the new Peter Luger steakhouse in Caesars Palace. It was incredible and a must-go if you visit Vegas.

Apple Vision Pro will go on sale on February 2, and pre-orders begin on January 19. The device costs $3500, $150 extra for prescription lenses and $99 extra for readers.

Steven asks: I use Apple Wallet all the time but I have store cards that I can’t store there. What would be the best digital wallet app for that? Rich says to check out an app called Stocard, but before you add it to the digital wallet app, download the official app for the retailer and see if they have the option to add the card to Apple Wallet or Google Wallet.

Melody asks if she will be able to open Word documents if she stops paying for Office. Rich says Google Docs can handle this format and many other programs out there that are free.

Michael Fisher, Creator and Co-Founder of Clicks, talks about his physical keyboard for the iPhone.

Austrian company C-SEED showed off a 137-inch folding TV at CES 2024.

Steve in Glendale wants to know if Facebook notifications saying his page violated terms is legit or not. Rich says it’s phishing and to ignore them. Also, consider adding an admin on a Business Facebook Page and two-factor authentication to protect it. If you do get hacked, go to

Jamie in Tampa wants to know what type of antenna to get. Rich recommends Mohu Versa and an over-the-air DVR called Tablo.

Brunswick demoed autonomous boat docking technology at CES 2024.

Sameer Samat of Google, General Manager and Vice President of Android Ecosystem chats Google announcements at CES 2024.

LG showed off the world’s first wireless transparent OLED TV at CES 2024.

Ellie in Yorba Linda can’t seem to get her WiFi signal in every room of her house. Rich recommends a mesh networking system like Eero or Orbi.

Ilya Pozin, Creator and Co-Founder of Telly, a free, ad-supported television set.

Withings has a new at-home health device called BeamO which measures vitals with an ECG, oximeter, stethoscope and thermometer.

Samsung unveiled an AI companion robot for the home called Ballie.

Ben Weiss, CEO of CoinFlip explains what Bitcoin is and why the recent SEC ETF approval is such a big deal.

If you got gift cards over the holidays, check the balance! There are so many scams going around where people grab the numbers and drain the funds.

Places to check for antenna channels:

There is a new GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker.

Amazon-owned Zoox showed off its first autonomous ride-hailing car.

Current Backyard's Electric Grill Won a CES 2024 Innovation Award.

54 - January 11, 2024

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