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Apple's New iPads & A Free Cell Phone Plan

Apple's New iPads & A Free Cell Phone Plan

Plus, 5G Home Internet Explained.

Rich remembers his colleague Sam Rubin.

Apple unveiled new iPads at an event called Let Loose. We saw new iPad Air and Pro models, a new Apple Pencil Pro, and updated Final Cut and Logic Pro apps.

Jeff, in Fort Worth, Texas, is trying to connect LED lights that use 2.4 GHz to his Google Nest Wifi.

Chris Sheldrick, creator of the app What3words, will explain how to use it to tell someone your exact location using simple words.

Samsung is rolling out Galaxy AI features to more devices, including the S22 Series, the Z Flip 4, the Z Fold4, and Tab S8.

John in Lake Forest and his Mom is addicted to home shopping channels. Is there is a way to restrict them. Rich says to check parental controls on the device.

Serphane in Studio City wants a TV with dedicated bright and dim buttons. Rich says a universal remote might do the trick to quickly change the settings.

Marcel in Brooklyn wants to know how to lock down his social media accounts like Instagram. Rich recommends being aware of scam messages trying to hijack your password and turning on two-factor authentication using an app.

Craig in Iowa wants to know how to find the AI features on his Samsung S24 phone.

Brad in West Los Angeles wants to know how to connect the iPhone 15 in Europe.

WSJ says T-Mobile and Verizon are in talks to split up U.S. Cellular towers and spectrum.

Eli Blumenthal of CNET joined to explain how your cell phone carrier tracks you and how to change that.

Rich in Colorado Springs wants to know when to use a VPN.

Linda in Burbank wants to know what will happen to the MVNO carriers when there are just three big networks in the United States.

Rich talked about Moms and technology, 47% own a smartwatch, 43% listen to a podcast weekly and spend an average of 4 hours and 4 minutes online daily.

Textnow has an interesting new plan called Free Essential Data, which gives you free access to text, talk, and essential data for email, maps, and rideshare apps.

Google unveils the Pixel 8a for $500 and it gets seven years of software updates.

Olga wants to know how to get her phone un-hacked. Rich mentioned Recovery Mode.

Gary in Laguna Nigel has an Amazfit watch and wants to know if he can use it without his phone nearby.

Allconnect has a great article about 5G Home Internet explained!

Michael Motamedi will talk about how he traveled the world for a year using AI from GuideGeek.

Disney, Hulu and Max will have a bundle soon.

Apple releases a security update for iTunes on Windows.

Don’t fall for the Stolen iPhone Activation Lock Scam.

Richard in Hilton, NY recommended the New bee earpiece. He said he paid $10 and it sounds great.

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