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Apple's Antitrust Woes & How DoNotPay Uses AI to Help Consumers Fight Back

Apple's Antitrust Woes & How DoNotPay Uses AI to Help Consumers Fight Back

Rich explains the antitrust case against Apple.

Tammi asks why Meta’s Messenger is asking her to set up a 6-digit PIN.

Rich attends the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference to learn about assistive technologies for the disability community. InnoCaption. Caption Call. Vibio. PlayStation Access Controller. Monarch. OKO App.

Diana in Torrance wants remote desktop software to access her MacBook Pro remotely. Rich says to check out TeamViewer for free or GoToMyPC for paid. RustDesk is an open-source alternative.

Bruce in Los Angeles is looking for a USB drive that’s over 5 TB. Rich believes this is above most consumer drives, but some expensive professional drives might offer this.

Sara in Ventura says Google Play isn’t working. Rich says to restart your phone, then force close the app and if that doesn’t work you can clear the data and cache for Google Play.

Frank in Ontario is trying to connect his MacBook to multiple screens. This guide will help you find the right combination of connection port, display, and cables.

YouTube has new rules for disclosing AI in videos.

David in Los Angeles is having issues with Apple Maps getting directions when he doesn’t have a good connection. Rich recommends downloading the offline maps for his area. You can do the same on Google Maps by searching “ok maps.”

Jason Rhodes, a senior research scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, will explain what you need to know about the Total Solar Eclipse happening on April 8, 2024. Mentioned: The Planetary Society. Don’t forget to get your eclipse glasses!

Seraphine in Studio City can’t hear her laptop computer speakers very well. Rich recommends a pair of external plug-in speakers or an app called Boom 2.

Did you know you can hum, sing, or talk lyrics into Google, and it will tell you what the song is?

Andrew in Ventura asks why it’s hard to find iTunes purchase history. Rich says to go to or create an email search filter for from:(

Rich mentioned lesser-known travel sites that can help you with your next trip.

Gary wants to know the best way to dispose of an old laptop. Rich mentioned Laptop Elf Project in the LA area, Staples and Best Buy, and mail-in recycling boxes and Gizmogo.

Ethical hackers have figured out a way to unlock millions of hotel rooms.

TripIt Pro adds Risk Alerts to help travelers anticipate unique disruptions, such as technology outages, political unrest, and labor actions.

One of the most popular retro tech products is the point-and-shoot camera, Nikon Coolpix.


Joshua Browder, CEO of DoNotPay, which builds products to save people time and money.

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