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Apple Vision Pro Thoughts & App To Clean Up iPhone

Apple Vision Pro Thoughts & App To Clean Up iPhone

Rich talks about his initial experiences with the Apple Vision Pro.

Once again, there is talk of a TikTok ban in the U.S.

Janice in Redondo Beach hates the update on the Apple Watch and wants to know if she can go back. It’s not easy, but Rich recommends checking out the very thorough User Guide Apple publishes for its products. Open the Books app and search product + user guide and look for the guides published by Apple.

Jose Briones is a “digital minimalist” and runs a website called Resources mentioned: Unpluq and Brick App.

Rod in Los Angeles wants to know the value of updating software and registries.

Mark in Lake Elsinore needs a new cell phone and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money. Rich says to check out the OnePlus Nord line and the Pixel 7a.

Meta blamed their two hour outage on a technical issue.

Instagram is upgrading messaging with the ability to edit messages, pin chats to the top of the list and turn off read receipts.

Jenny in San Diego wants to know how to stay connected overseas and is HippocketWiFi a good idea. Rich also mentioned Airalo for eSIMs and Solis Hotspot, but you have to buy it.

Craig in Des Moines wants to know if his Samsung S24 has satellite emergency help. It doesn’t, but Rich recommends going into Settings, then Safety and Emergency, and setting up all the emergency features there. lets you search through millions of old newspapers for events, names and more.

Janko Roettgers, author of the Lowpass newsletter, which talks about the future of entertainment and why you should download VLC.

Richard in Lancaster has a Windows 7 computer and wants security software. Rich says Avast still supports Windows 7 but you need to be aware of the security implications.

Rob is going from a Samsung to an iPhone and wants to transfer his data. Rich says the official Move to iOS app will do the basic job, but Dr. Fone and AnyTrans will give you more control over the process.

iOS 17.4 now has more emoji and podcast transcripts, and you can see more battery information for the iPhone 15 models.

Cathy in Denver wants to know if she should still update her laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 11. It might install, but it might not run smoothly. Here’s the Windows Checker to see.

MacPaw launches the CleanMyPhone App for iPhone to declutter photos.

If you pay for Spectrum TV Select Plus, you can get ESPN+ streaming for free, as well as Disney+.

FCC warns that the Affordable Connectivity Program funding is running out at the end of April.

Shamika asks about the best way to transcribe meeting notes. Rich recommends the built-in Recorder app on Samsung and Pixels, or you can use MacWhisper, Buzz for Windows, or the built-in transcription tool in Office. Rich also mentioned Otter.AI and Descript.

Interviews from Rivian’s R2 launch include Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe, Head Designer Jeff Hammoud, YouTuber and customer Jon Rettinger and journalist Abigail Bassett

Apple unveiled new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air laptops with the powerful M3 chip.

Dreamscape Immersive is shutting down at Century City Mall.

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