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Alexa gets AI skills

Alexa gets AI skills

038 - September 23, 2023

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Rich mentioned that the iPhone 15 is now available. Amazon announced that Alexa is getting a healthy dose of AI and they have new products and services including Eye Gaze, slimmer Echo Frames with longer battery life, a Fire TV Stick 4K Max 2nd gen which will feature ambient mode, AI art and the eero Max 7. If you want to try the new Alexa AI experience you can soon say “Alexa, let’s chat” to a supported smart speaker.

One big new feature is called Alexa Emergency Assist, which will let you use your voice to call for help in an emergency situation using an Echo device.

Gloria in Pacoima is having trouble with Visible service.

Jefferson Graham of PhotoWalks.TV will share his thoughts on the iPhone 15 cameras.

Daniel in Reseda, CA asks if there’s a video doorbell with local storage. Rich says to check out the Blink camera. Kelly sent in this anti-theft device.

Rich talked about new features in tvOS 17 that bring FaceTime to the Apple TV and the ability to find a lost remote using your iPhone.

Steven in San Diego says you can get a signal booster to help with cellular calls at home. Rich says to also make sure WiFi calling is turned on for your smartphone and you can check cellular coverage maps using sites like OpenSignal and CoverageMap.

Joe in Glendora is trying to find a way to get his pictures off of an old Wolverine device.

Jamie Siminoff, Ring founder and now Chief “Doorman” at talked about his new venture and the James App.

Linda in Anaheim says FaceTime group calls are activating on her iPhone without her initiating them.

You can now take a depression and anxiety assessment in the Health App on iOS 17.

Greg in Des Moines wants to know if he should upgrade his Samsung Flip 3 to the Flip 5 or even the iPhone for better accessibility features.

Amazon Prime Video will start showing ads in 2024 unless you pay an additional $3 a month.

Uber Eats will accept SNAP payment in 2024.

Vanessa in Great Falls, Montana wants to know how to set up a Windows laptop for her grandkids so it’s safe. Rich recommends Microsoft Family Safety controls for Windows. For Mac and iPhone it’s ScreenTime and for Android it’s Family Link. You can also use a third party app like Bark.

New in Watch OS 10, Smart Stack, five new watch faces and more!

John Faulkner, Road Test Editor at Clean Fleet Report will discuss the Ford Mach E.

Microsoft is building AI tools called CoPilot into Windows 11 with an update coming September 26.

MyHeritage has an AI feature called PhotoDater which can estimate the date an old photo was taken.

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