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AI Wars, NFL on Netflix & Tech Accessibility

AI Wars, NFL on Netflix & Tech Accessibility

Plus, a new app that reads articles to you.

Rich talked about the AI war between ChatGPT and Google.

Manny in Covina wants to know how much an old computer textbook is worth.

Netflix signed a three-year deal with the NFL; they’ll start by showing two games on Christmas Day 2024.

Mark in San Diego is getting rid of DSL and wants to know if Internet Air is reliable. Rich says to compare what’s available in his area using SpeedTest’s ISP tool. Also, check to see what the AT&T internet speed is on your smartphone using or an app called Meteor.

Twitter has completed its rebranding to, and now all URLs point to X.

Microsoft’s Free PC Manager makes it easy to free up storage space, clear cache and find duplicate files.

Kathy in Orange County can’t find the voice input on her keyboard ever since she updated her Samsung phone.

Kate wants to know about traveling to the UK. The best apps for taxi rides, walking tours and a guided Beatles tour. Rich recommends checking out Mindtrip.AI and GuideGeek.AI for the answers. Google is also launching an AI trip planner soon.

Samsung, Google and Apple all have new accessibility features.

Angie in Los Angeles is looking for a simple phone for an 80-year-old family member. Rich mentioned looking at dumbwireless for ideas, blindshell phones and Samsung’s Easy Mode.

Wen in Yorba Linda wants to know if they should use an iPad Air, iPad or MacBook Air M1 for general web browsing.

Rick in Torrance wants to know if the Pixel Watch 2 is suitable for heart rate monitoring.

C. Scott Brown, Senior Editor at Android Authority, will discuss Google IO 2024.

Hugo shared an update about the Sonos app redesign.

Linda in Burbank says her landline is vital. California might not approve AT&T’s application to end its Carrier of Last Resort designation.

Rich mentioned a handy website with working promo codes called SimplyCodes.

Rich discussed various tools to help you “listen” to articles on your phone including the free ElevenLabs Reader app, plus PocketSpeechifyGoogle Reading Mode for Android and Safari’s Listen to Page. You can also ask Siri to “read this” while on an article.

John in Utica, NY was wondering how to see when a file was created vs modified.

Jenny Blackburn, VP of UX for Gemini Experiences and Google Assistant, explains how to use Google Gemini AI assistant.

What’s new in iOS 17.5 including a new game called Quartiles.

Rich on Tech
Rich On Tech
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