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026 Rich on Tech Radio Show - July 1, 2023

026 Rich on Tech Radio Show - July 1, 2023

Rich talks about his hit and run car accident and explains how his cameras weren’t active or didn’t capture the moment. Lesson: Check the angles, settings and limitations on your security cameras now before it’s too late.

Shana in Brea, California asks how to educate elderly retired loved ones on the latest scams since they don’t get training at work. Rich recommends a website called Scam Spotter and BBB Scam Tracker.

Sam Rutherford, Senior Writer for Engadget will have his review of the Pixel Fold smartphone.

Tanuja asks how to prevent relay car thefts.

Keith asks if he should get the Pixel 7 or 8.

Grace in Rancho Cordova asks if her Gmail will stop working if her storage is full and she doesn’t pay for more. Rich says to clear up storage using the website but be aware you might have to start paying.

Apple is shutting down My Photo Stream. Here’s what you need to know.

Roger Anderson will explain his Chatbot system for messing with telemarketers and robocallers.

Jay in Gardena wants to know how to reset an iMac only for banking purposes.

YouTube is limiting video views if you use an ad-blocker.

Electrify America is adopting Tesla’s charging standard and adding the plugs to their charging stations nationwide.

Bunim Laskin, co-founder and CEO of Swimply, will talk about how you can make money renting out your backyard pool or court.

Mark in Lomita asks about using an eSIM to travel abroad. Rich recommends US Mobile or Airalo for an international eSIM. For Airalo, get $3 off is you use code RICH5375.

Jan asks what transfers over to iPhone if she switches from a Samsung. Use the Move to iOS App to transfer pictures, videos, messages and more.

Jack in Riverside can’t turn on his Windows computer.

Stella asks why her iPhone 12 Mini is getting hot. Check Settings > Battery for battery

Jefferson Graham shares a money saving travel tip and talks about how to take photos of fireworks.

Proton Pass looks like a promising new encrypted password manager that also creates a hidden email address for each new login.

California State Parks teams up with what3words. Download this app so you can tell someone your precise 10x10 location anywhere in the world.

Last week, Angel asked about earbuds that don’t have a microphone on them for his wife. I asked Lauren Dragan, who reviews headphones at Wirecutter and she says these Soundcore Sleep earbuds should do the trick.

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Rich on Tech
Rich On Tech
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