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025 Rich on Tech Radio Show - June 24, 2023

025 Rich on Tech Radio Show - June 24, 2023

Rich talked about his trip to Nashville to participate in a conference led by Dave Ramsey’s team.

Tom in Riverside asks about the various tech platforms his daughters in college should be looking into. Rich suggests taking a look into coding, project management, analytics, cloud platforms and design. Check out some job postings that interest them and see what skills they require.

CNET’s Scott Stein joins to talk about his review of the Google Pixel Tablet.

FTC alleges that Amazon tricked people into signing up for Prime and then made it tough to cancel.

Julio in LA asks about a case that can block his phone radiation. Rich recommends checking out cases from SLNT and OffGrid. You can check the RF exposure from your smartphone by Google searching the name of your phone and SAR. Example here.

Karen in Thousand Oaks asks how to get rid of Google Photos without deleting photos off of her iCloud backup. Rich recommends deleting the app off her phone and using the Google Photos web interface to delete. Rich suggests using Amazon Photos as a secondary backup, which is free for prime members.

Asus routers need a firmware update to address some security issues.

iPhone has a security update to address a spyware vulnerability.

Roger asks if there’s a way to track a car he’s loaned a family member. Rich doesn’t recommend secretly tracking, but there are products from Tracki, Bouncie and Logistimatics that can GPS track, but they will have a monthly monitoring fee. An AirTag will work but it might not offer real time tracking information.

Bestselling author Debra Fine joins to talk how technology is impacting the art of small talk. Big takeaway is to ask someone you meet: “outside of this, what keeps you busy?” Stay away from questions like are you married, or do you have kids?

Angel is looking for a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that DON’T have Bluetooth built in.

Rivian is the latest car maker to adopt the Tesla Supercharger network.

Barbara in Montebello asks if the Victrola turntable will work wirelessly with her Sonos system. Rich says to keep an eye on prices using a service like Honey, CamelCamelCamel or Chrome’s price tracking feature.

Visible is disabling autopay to encourage users to switch plans.

United’s new app will automatically help you re-book a delayed or cancelled flight and even offer up hotel, car and ride share vouchers when available.

Gary in Redondo Beach asks if the MacBook Air 15 inch is still a good buy even though it has the older M2 chip inside. Always check MacRumors Buyers Guide for info on when a new model might be released.

Julie Ramhold, Consumer Analyst with, joined to talk Amazon Prime Day 2023.

Art asks which Travel Carbon Monoxide Detector is recommended. Rich’s travel expert pal Zach Honig recommends this model.

Paul asks about a good password manager. Rich recommends iCloud Keychain if you only use Apple products, Google Password Manger if you use an iPhone and Chrome, or Bitwarden for a free cross-platform option and 1Password and Dashlane for paid options.

Jim asks how to transform a Visa gift card into an Amazon credit. Set the card as a payment method, then load the exact balance into an Amazon gift card here. Make sure you’re using the card as a payment method. This works MOST of the time, but not always.

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