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024 Rich on Tech Radio Show - June 17, 2023

024 Rich on Tech Radio Show - June 17, 2023

Rich talked about how the Netflix password sharing crackdown hit home. His family members can no longer tap into his account, but he found out the hard way that you can’t update your household from an Apple TV.

Peter in MA called to ask why his phone won’t text. He says everyone is pushing him to a new device. Rich says to try a Network Settings Reset, then a Reset All Settings, then a Factory Reset, in that order. If all of that doesn’t work, it might be time for a new phone.

Dan Seifert of The Verge joined Rich to discuss his review of the Amazon Fire Max 11 tablet.

Brian in Washington called to ask if AI can replace the jobs of executives.

Tim asks what the software is you can install on an old computer. It’s Chrome OS Flex.

Google is shutting down Album Archive. You can check here to see what’s in there.

You can get about $8 if you participate in the Google settlement.

Rich’s Mom joined the show to talk about AOL changes she doesn’t like.

Google Lens can now identify skin conditions, but it’s not a diagnosis.

Food Writer Jason Horn joined Rich to talk about lab grown mozzarella cheese.

Marshall called to say he lost his phone and wants to know if he can locate it or recover the data. Check Google Find My Device for location and to remote erase. For data, check Google One backups, Google Keep or OneNote for notes and Google Contacts for your contact data.

The National Broadband Map can show you who provides high speed internet to your address. Other helpful sites include WhistleOut and Thanks listener Jim!

Linda in Yucca Valley, CA wants to know how she can manually organize her files and folders in Windows.

Justin Eastzer joined me to talk Diabetes Tech!

FTC lists the top text scams of 2022.

Eric called in from Mexico to ask why his Yahoo email won’t let him send items to spam.

Mercedes adds ChatGPT. Here’s how to sign up to use it in your car.

Here’s how to access the secret Emergency Restart function in Windows.

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