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018 Rich on Tech Radio Show - May 6, 2023

018 Rich on Tech Radio Show - May 6, 2023

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Rich told a story about Amazon Fresh Just Walk Out technology and how it backfired for him. Also, he went to see Return of the Jedi solo and was surprised that AMC now takes tap to pay. Tip: there’s a $5 Cameo Combo for loyalty club members at AMC.

Robert in Mira Mesa wants an app that can scan text and read it back for visually impaired. Rich suggested Voice Dream Scanner and Natural Readers.

Rich visits the ACT Expo in Anaheim where clean fleet transportation options are on display.

Jim in Florida asked why his Google app is reading search results aloud to him. You can turn off this feature in Settings under Voice and Assistant.

Rich talked about how AI is playing a role in the Hollywood writers' strike and how governments are looking into regulating it.

Sarah in Ventura called in to ask about a radio that would offer the NOAA feed and also streaming stations. Micah suggested several options but getting streaming radio without Wi-Fi would be tricky.

Micah from Maine called in to offer up some suggestions including an Ocean Digital radio from Amazon and a radio from C .Crane.

Farmer’s Fridge founder and CEO Luke Saunders joined to talk about putting fresh food into vending machines at hundreds of locations across the U.S. including airports, hospitals, arenas, schools and more.

Courtney In Huntington Beach called in to ask about downgrading from an iPhone to a dumb phone. Rich recommend an Apple Watch with cellular or a phone from Nokia, Alcatel, Light Phone or Punkt. Also, ask your carrier about sharing the number with a main phone and a secondary phone.

Dale in Oceanside called in to ask why his ability to cast stopped. Check to make sure the two devices are on the same WiFi, update the software/apps on both devices and restart them.

Rich talked about how to download your entire Netflix viewing history.

Ryan in LA asks what’s a good use for an old computer after a new one. Rich suggested donating it to charity or using it as a server but only if you need a server for backups or media.

Apple and Google are teaming up to create a framework so iOS and Android will alert you about unwanted tracking devices from any brand.

Josh from Aura Frames called in to chat about the frames which let you email photos to a family member’s frame or use the app to add photos directly via WiFi.

Airbnb is getting back to the basics with over fifty50 improvements and a renewed focus on more affordable private Rooms you can rent.

Google is adding blue checkmarks to signify verified senders on Gmail.

Apple pushed out its first “Rapid Security Response” update for the iPhone, iPad and Mac Computers. These are smaller updates that are faster and easier to install to patch imminent security threats.

In the feedback segment, Dan wrote in about wishing for a Wyze cam to rival the Ring Dash cam. Dave shared his Android Auto setup for the Prius. He recommends his unit, which is called Carpuride. So far, he says he’s had no issues.

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