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016 Rich on Tech Radio Show - April 22, 2023

016 Rich on Tech Radio Show - April 22, 2023

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Rich talked about how pinball machines are high tech with connected leaderboards, plus how Kroger is now accepting tap to pay. Rich also talked about how Twitter took away the blue verified check for legacy accounts so be careful about what you trust on Twitter because people can verify themselves and have misleading usernames.

Jeff called to talk about the idea of biometric handgun technology.

Jasmine Enberg, principal analyst at Insider Intelligence breaks down Snapchat’s announcements. Rich likes the MY AI chatbot now available to everyone inside the app.

A caller commented on the new system preferences in MacOS Ventura and how it’s not very intuitive.

A caller asked about staying connected while on a cruise ship. Rich recommended looking into Airalo.

Eon asked about accessibility features on the Samsung phones.

Matthew called in to ask about planning a family reunion. Rich recommended Telegram, shared Google Docs, Tripit for itineraries and Google Photos for a shared album.

Rich talked about a news report saying that people are noticing tap to pay activating further away than usual. Silent Pocket makes products that block radio waves. Visa says the card needs to be about 2 inches away from the reader.

Thoughts on the new Apple high yield savings account.

Photos Rich took were on a Samsung billboard, but it could have been better.

Netflix is discontinuing DVDs by mail after 25 years.

Marty Cooper joined to talk about making the first public cell phone call ever.

Polestar 4 EV ditches the rear window.

App to Know: Pixel Search on Google Play.

David Koff of Tech Talk joined to explain how to get your personal data off the internet.

Apple turned on Sound Recognition feature for HomePod and HomePod Mini. They can now alert you if they hear a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm.

Feedback: How to stop Waze from running, Google Dropcam replacement.

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