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013 Rich on Tech Radio Show - April 1, 2023

013 Rich on Tech Radio Show - April 1, 2023

Rich talked about how we can’t believe anything we see or hear anymore thanks to AI.

GM plans to sunset CarPlay support in its EV’s … in favor of a Google system

Rich talked to IGN reporter Rebekah Valentine about the cancellation of E3 2023

Rich asked what game she’s looking forward to most and it’s the Zelda sequel Tears of the Kingdom.

Darren emailed to ask if wiping a phone is safe before trading in.

Candy asked how to get her Gmail back on a new iPhone.

Apple says WWDC will be a small in person keynote and mostly an online event on June 5-9.

Kevin called in and asked about how to connect 2.4 ghz devices to his Google Wi-Fi router

Rich talked about how to redeem T-Mobile's MLB streaming package for free by going into the T-Mobile Tuesday’s app and redeeming the MLB TV offer by April 4.

Elena called and asked about how to go about getting her app idea made. Rich suggested looking into local community resources to help her along and grants, scholarships and hiring a coder off a freelancing website like Fiverr and using Canva to make a sizzle reel.

Rich talked to author Alexandra Samuel about her article in the WSJ about the Do’s and Don'ts of Combining Work and Play when Traveling.

Marie called in and asked about the dangers of AI

Deborah called in and asked about how to cut her cable bill. Rich suggested looking into a streaming stick, comparing internet services with a website like WhistleOut and then using free ad supported streaming services or inexpensive streaming services that offer the programming you’re into.

Rich mentioned that KTLA is now streaming on YouTube TV and Hulu Live TV.

Rich talked about an app called Photoleap that lets you do amazing AI tricks with your pictures including car replacements and scene transformations.

Flighty App founder Ryan Jones joined us to talk about his amazingly beautiful iOS flight tracking app.

Virgil asked about the values built into AI systems and how they will ultimately make tough decisions.

Audible is testing free audio books supported by advertising.

Rich talked about the LuggageHero website, which is like Airbnb for your luggage.

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Rich on Tech
Rich On Tech
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