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012 Rich on Tech Radio Show - March 25, 2023

012 Rich on Tech Radio Show - March 25, 2023

Rich talks about the steps you can take to reclaim your privacy, including creating unique passwords for each account, turning off third party cookies on your web browser, using an ad blocker, setting up a guest network on your Wi-Fi and creating a QR code to help your guests login, reviewing privacy settings on iOS, Samsung and Android, revoking app permissions on iOS and Android, checking connected apps and websites on Google, Facebook and Instagram and backing up your files and turning on two factor authentication.

Mike called and asked why his old iPad can’t access the internet anymore. Rich says it’s time for a new one and you can recycle the old one using Gizmogo.

Acropylpse explained; why you should update the software on Pixel phones and be aware of sharing screenshots with personal information on Windows.

Lance Ulanoff joined the show to talk about the TikTok hearings.

Jamie called and asked about how to learn more about changes in Windows 11. Rich recommended Microsoft tutorials. She also wanted to know how to set up a Windows computer without logging into a Microsoft account, Rich suggested she look for an “offline” login option during setup.

If you have a Netgear Orbi it’s time to check for a software update because of a security flaw that’s been fixed.

Rich’s first impressions of Google Bard, their answer to ChatGPT.

Turtis called in and asked if their new LED lights could be interfering with their TV reception.

A visit to Outer Edge LA, a show that focuses on Web3 tech including Blockchain and NFT’s.

Chris asked about router recommendations, specifically Google’s mesh system. Rich recommended looking at Eero and Vilo.

Rich talked about people getting hacked on Twitter right now and how the company is changing it so if you don’t pay you need to use an app for Two Factor Authentication. Rich recommended Authy, Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator.

Susan asked about the Lenovo Chromebook for a friend who is computer phobic.

Rich explained how you can get a free 30 days trial of Verizon just by downloading the My Verizon app and using an eSIM on an unlocked phone.

Gloria asked about a new phone since her Moto G takes terrible photos and doesn’t get good reception. Rich recommended a Pixel 6a unless she can wait for the 7a which is rumored to launch in May.

Vivek Pandya from Adobe joined to talk about the latest trends in online shopping.

Arthur called to ask about needing a BitLocker code to get into his computer. Rich said to look in his Microsoft Security settings.

The wedding website Joy has a new AI tool to help you write wedding speeches, toasts and more.

Feedback: Richard wrote in about his HP Instant Ink subscription.

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